What I manage to build with this modpack

  • This modpack manage to make it to a specail place in my heart and it shares the same spot as Steve’s Adventure Pack. I took two pictures of my indoor garden along with my skin (Using a model) I do hope to see more friendly people on the server <3.



    I have not finnish my home yet but I though this would be nice to share. I will add some more pictures in the future. :D

  • In the last few days I created a faction with a nice gentleman. Tho I’m still learning bout this whole faction thing but we are working hard to build a decent faction curretly it’s just the two of us. I also built this farm that is mostly made up of Pam’s Harvestcraft crops and with a few vanilla crops. The unfinished building on the side is going to be our barn or storage house not 100% sure just yet I just started building it today.

  • Support

    Very Nice i hope i will be able to play it soon!

  • @iSugerRush
    this modpack is kinda hard ;-;

  • CraftMiner

    @GERMENSA It used to be a lot harder ;)

    Anyway, at first the pack is pretty hard when you’re just starting out. I have upgraded the starter/welcome kit for new users on the official server with better armour and a knockback sword to help with that. Here’s a tip: As long as you avoid mobs in general whenever possible you should be fine, oh and don’t try to rush it - it won’t get you far. As I’ve said before, treat the mods in CM as your tools rather than your tasks/objectives/goals. Use the tools provided to make your own goals - a great example of this is actually Vanilla - it has barely any content at all yet people find so much to do with it.

  • Novus

    Yo the fact that sugerrush got all that is pretty impressive.

  • Administrator

    @iSugerRush Really nice images!

  • @iSugerRush You are a talented builder, and a creative person! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. Keep up the good work and have fun! :D

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    If you like, feel free to share some more screenshots as we could use them on website :smirk: