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  • RE: Server Pack dl link?

    Currently we do not offer this. I am sorry!

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  • RE: Network disruption, TS3 outage

    Update 20190109 17:20 CET

    Due to another mistake on our side the TS3 server has again been unreachable for about 11.5 hours. From 05:12 - 15:38 (09.01.2019). We sincerely apologize for that fail on our side and have fixed the issue causing this mishap.

    Technically interested?

    The technical reason was us running two separate instances of our TS3 server simultaneously. After the ISP went down (Vodafone) we were forced to migrate our TS3 server onto our core infrastructure at Hetzner Germany (uploading the files via slow 4G). The migration went well and we were back up running in less than an hour. As clients use a domain name to connect to our TS3 server we kept the ‘old’ TS3 server running at the old location/ISP with a message pointing towards the correct IP (just in case someones DNS (servers) cached our domain too long (

    This is where we failed: The ‘old’ Teamspeak server still used the same license as the Teamspeak server at the new location. Our license allows us to run one single instance of Teamspeak on one IP, not two. Teamspeak periodically checks if there are servers breaking with their licenses and stops all additional instances to avoid multi-using one license (which is completely legitimate of them to do!).

    This is what happens if your ISP goes down in the middle of the night and you start doing some quick and dirty workarounds, forgetting to remove your license from the old TS3 instance…

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  • RE: Modern Millenaire Server is down!

    Cheers @King !

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  • Network disruption, TS3 outage

    Time of incident: 09.01.2019, ~01:06 - 02:12

    Due to a major issue with our internet service provider our Teamspeak 3 server has been down for about an hour.
    We have taken counteraction and migrated our TS3 server onto our core infrastructure at Hetzner Germany, back into a datacenter.

    We apologize for the downtime. The action we have taken will prevent future issues.

    No other services have been affected by this outage.

    0_1546997259253_Screenshot_2019-01-09  Vodafone Störung Aktuelle Störungen, Probleme und Fehler .png
    Heatmap of Germany showing current hotspots with outages. (Source: Allestörungen)

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  • RE: Modern Millenaire Server is down!

    Thank you for reporting this issue. As far as I can see the server should be up and running. Please try logging in.

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  • Novus Remix - Deep dark issue

    Due to a number of bugs the Deep Dark on our Novus Remix server is currently disabled.
    We are investigating on this issue and will reopen it as soon as possible.

    This thread has been opened to track the progress and inform the user base.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

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  • RE: Kicked from server

    @Moredir Likely you have some information on this topic.

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  • RE: Kicked from server

    Hey there @GreenMage2 sorry for the late reply.

    Does this issue still persist for you?

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  • RE: Bewerbung als Moderator

    Hallo The_Moed,

    Wir haben deine Bewerbung zur Kenntnis genommen. Entschuldige wegen der späten Antwort.
    Wir werden bis morgen eine Entscheidung fällen. Wir werden dich natürlich über unsere Entscheidung in Kenntnis setzten.

    Supporter: Unitedworldminers Team

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  • RE: Hilfe kann nicht mehr Joinen

    @der__fisch said in Hilfe kann nicht mehr Joinen:


    Du kannst wieder joinen

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