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    TL;DR: Yes. I have stopped working on CM indefinately but I’ll still be answering questions and helping people out and welcome anyone who wants to maintain the project and keep it alive.


    I regret to inform the UWM staff that I have lost most of my interest in CraftMine development. I have been aware of my gradually loosing interest for a long time and have attempted many things to keep the pack alive, including a whole new development mindset, getting some people to work on the pack alongside me as a team, be semi-open-source and overall very open with the community, attempted to contribute to other modpacks on the UnitedWorldMiners network and more.

    I will still respond to any support requests and questions about CraftMine, however development of new features, pack updates and maintenance have stalled indefinitely from my behalf.

    The last update to CM was on the 1st of July and was published a week or two later to the “Latest version” channel of the modpack options on the Technic Launcher. It’s stable - just incompatible with the official server and no server files exist for it.

    If anyone is interested in maintaining this amazing project, please contact me. I’ll be more than happy to provide some of my knowledge of how I develop CM to the standards it is and also provide the full source code and files of all the versions I still have on me. And of course I’ll add you as a contributor to the original pack listing so you can post new versions and so on, on the official page that’s been around since forever. Even though I’ve stopped pack development, I’ll be happy knowing that my work has made people’s lives better and that it still lives on to this day. Hey, maybe I’ll even submit the occasional contribution if I’m interested - the main reason I lost interest is because barely anyone noticed.

    I just want to thank everyone who has helped make CraftMine possible for such a long time - especially Matty Lofthouse, and UWM (and Bent). Without Matty, CraftMine would’ve never existed. Without UWM, the new CMv4 would have never been possible.

    Btw, if you’re considering taking CM down from your Solder, that’s no problem - just let me know in advance so I can back up all the versions hosted on there.

    Goodbye :(

  • Administrator

    Hello Oscar,

    that’s really sad to hear but I can understand your decision.

    We know the struggles of creating high-quality content ourselves which mostly does not get even close to the attention which crappy modpacks with really ugly images get (of which most don’t even work but still raise thousands of players within hours) these days.

    Sometimes it seems like people want bad stuff rather than something fully functional and “perfect” Maybe they can’t handle complimenting someone on his work and rather want to complain … :thinking:

    We will for sure not remove your modpack from our Solder as I see this modpack as a perfect example for the highest quality of modpack you can get theses days.

    As you know “our doors are always open to you”! So if you want to get something new started, just let us know :slight_smile: