Some of you may know me as the author of CraftMine v4 - another similar pack that’s also on the UnitedWorldMiners network. :slight_smile:

CraftMine has had exclusive optimisations for years that provide unbelievable benefits and a “wow factor” for new players - you open up a pack with over a 100 mods and it runs better than Vanilla with Optifine without you even touching the settings! Before Rapido it was called “CM SPEEDY”.

Well, today I’m proud to announce that - for the first time ever - I have ported a large part of Rapido to Steve’s Adventure Craft.
What does this mean? HUGE performance benefits with slightly BETTER visuals, on the same hardware! Just look at the results for yourself. :)

Q) What can I do with higher performance on the same PC?

Crank up the settings more Enjoy higher percieved resolution and render distances with the same settings through the use of Rapido’s psychological tricks Have a smoother experience with less choppiness Never complain about client-side (framerate) lag on the pack again! Play longer on laptops as these improvements also improve power efficiency and therefore battery life

Q) How can I get these improvements?

The new upcoming Steve’s Adventure Craft update includes Rapido built-in and enabled by default. You’ll notice immediate performance improvements as soon as you update. CraftMine v4 contains a more advanced implementation of Rapido called “Rapido+” which also improves visuals as well as further improves performance slightly over the standard Rapido found in the port for SAC. Just be aware that this is a different pack though and is quite different from SAC in some aspects