Optimisation/collaboration Steve's Adventure Craft [ update]

  • CraftMiner


    I’m the author of the somewhat similar pack also on the UWM network called “CMv4” or “CraftMine v4”. I would like to contribute to Steve’s Adventure Craft by applying some of my optimisation techniques I use in CMv4 to your pack. This will undoubtedly improve performance significantly/noticeably and will allow the pack to run at higher framerates and tickrates, allowing for higher settings and more mods to be added without as much concern about performance.

    If you like, I can discuss some of the techniques I plan on using to optimise Steve’s Adventure Craft if you accept my request to collaborate with you on the pack. All I ask in return is credit and recognition for my optimisations, and that they are not publically shared without my permission.

    Best regards,

  • Administrator

    @Paint_Ninja Hey there,

    for sure, I am looking forward to work together with you as before :slight_smile:

    As seen in the forums here, a major update is planned for mid to end July, it would be great to implement your optimizations with that update as it will be beneficial for every player.

    Best regards


  • CraftMiner

    @Bent Hello,

    Thank you for letting me be a part of the new Steve’s Adventure Craft development. I just wanted to inform you that I have finished doing basic Rapido optimisations and have managed to achieve an impressive ~105fps improvement in addition to a 20 second shorter load time and higher average TPS! :tada:

  • Administrator

    I have seen the screenshots and this is just amazing!

    For everybody, I’d like to share this:

    • Same hardware has been used for the test
    • Same resolution has been used
    • Same world has been used
    • All chunks have been loaded before the screenshot had been taken


    @Paint_Ninja’s optimizations resulted in a performance gain in the client of about 477%

    So stay excited for the update :smirk:


  • That’s amazing how you where able to improve the performance to such great lengths! clap clap

  • Administrator

    @Evolvedgamer1 @Paint_Ninja has some deep knowledge and really high skills in doing this ! That’s how :smirk:

  • Novus

    DANG DANIEL. That’s some crazy improvements! Well done @Paint_Ninja !