Towny doesn't seem to be working

  • I just logged in today to find my entire town wiped off the face of the map. Giantville was the largest town on the server and it is gone. I am sure that towny was set up properly, but somehow everything is griefed. All that is left is shells of houses and a few chests. I don’t know if there is a fix for this, but if there is I would like to know.

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    @Reborn_Giant Thanks for contacting us, we were internally working on towny / databases and might have made a mistake. We are currently working our the issue.

    Please stay calm, we have backups.

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    To me it seems that Towny is not the issue as all other towns are perfectly intact.

    For debugging reasons we temporarily restored the world to midnight (27.04.2016 - UTC+1). This change will be reverted now and the server will be back as before this afternoon.

    Please look at the bugs related to the protecting and Towny

    I apologize for the circumstance that the config change I made yesterday may have led to other issues, but I will fix them of course.

  • Thanks for the reply and help!

  • I believe the griefing happened before that date. I had been really busy with work and hadn’t had a chance to log on in a few days. It may have happened at any time in the past week. I can rebuild, but I hate to think all of those people that were relying on the town to protect them, lost all their stuff.

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    @Reborn_Giant Thanks for the clarification, we were having a lot of trouble because of this ;)

  • Sorry about the misunderstanding. I just wonder how it happened, it couldn’t have been dynamite or fire, because both were turned off in the town, and no one but myself and IronBravery had access to other people’s plots. A lot can happen in a few days so I don’t know if a member got special permissions or if IronBravery went crazy (I don’t think he did) . Thanks for looking into it, and sorry for the confusion.

  • @Reborn_Giant Yeah firstly my chests, then my walls got griefed when in a towny plot!

  • All what was left was my marble FLOOR!

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    hi guys the server reset so that problem has been fixed