Internal Server Error

  • I keep on getting this when ever I try to login to the server. Is this something I can possibly fix on my end or no?

  • This happened to me today. delete your mod pack then download it again worked for me.

  • Trying it now :) btw glad to see ya Germensa ^w^

  • Aww it still pops up the same thing even after reinstalling the modpack :<

  • Administrator

    @iSugerRush Please provide the error from your local console window. This might help the modpack creators.

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  • I have a stupid idea… Keep deleting the pack and logging in until it works… it sounds kinda dumb I think it could work and its just being slow… i could be wrong, but this has helped when im doing other things… or it could just be a waste of time :P

  • I’m starting to fear I will never be able to join the server again since it keeps kicking/crashing on me. So sad, when I first joined the server I fell in love with it and I didn’t even mind the mod Alex being well Alex lol. And I even made a good friends that I trusted. Haha to bad it’s gonna be hard for me to find another good server that I actually love. I will also continue playing the modpack but will be unable to join the server.

  • Support

    u may have gone into a corrupted chunk this have been fixed since the server restarted