A Very Marry Christmas Update!

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    You may now open your Christmas Gift from the UWM Team! A brand new rank system! :) The new ranks are time based. You can see more about it in the table below! @Novus @administrators @Support


    Got to give credit where it’s due! Thank you to the following:
    @SickeningTrout | Rank Layout
    @Sebigamer4 | Plugin finder/Basic Config
    BrainBrasher | Professionalism of the ranks/epic color layout.

    Adventure Rank

    Mod Category Command Permission Rank
    Essentials afk essentials.afk Adventure
    Essentials afk essentials.afk.auto Adventure
    Essentials getpos essentials.getpos Adventure
    Essentials help essentials.help Adventure
    Essentials helpop essentials.helpop Adventure
    Essentials info essentials.info Adventure
    Essentials list essentials.list Adventure
    Essentials mail essentials.mail Adventure
    Essentials mail essentials.mail.send Adventure
    Essentials motd essentials.motd Adventure
    Essentials recipie essentials.recipie Adventure
    Essentials rules essentials.rules Adventure
    Essentials suicide essentials.suicide Adventure
    Essentials spawn essentials.spawn Adventure
    Essentials economy balance essentials.balance Adventure
    Essentials Cheat kit essentials.kits.tools Adventure
    Essentials Moderator gc essentials.gc Adventure
    Essentials Teleport back essentials.back Adventure
    Essentials Teleport back essentials.back.ondeath Adventure
    Essentials Teleport back essentials.keepxp Adventure
    Essentials Teleport back essentials.worlds.<worldname> Adventure
    Essentials Teleport delhome essentials.delhome Adventure
    Essentials Teleport home essentials.home Adventure
    Essentials Teleport home essentials.home.bed Adventure
    Essentials Teleport sethome essentials.sethome Adventure
    Essentials Teleport sethome essentials.sethome.bed Adventure
    Essentials Teleport sethome essentials.sethome.multiple Adventure
    Essentials Teleport tpa essentials.tpa Adventure
    Essentials Teleport tpaccept essentials.tpaccept Adventure
    Essentials Teleport tpahere essentials.tpahere Adventure
    Essentials Teleport tpdeny essentials.tpdeny Adventure
    Essentials Teleport warp essentials.warp Adventure
    Essentials Teleport warp essentials.warp.list Adventure
    Essentials Various None essentials.protect Adventure
    Essentials Various None essentials.protect.damage.contact Adventure
    Essentials Various None essentials.protect.damage.creeper Adventure
    Essentials Various None essentials.protect.damage.drowning Adventure
    Essentials Various None essentials.protect.damage.fall Adventure
    Essentials Various None essentials.protect.damage.fire Adventure
    Essentials Various None essentials.protect.damage.fireball Adventure
    Essentials Various None essentials.protect.damage.lava Adventure
    Essentials Various None essentials.protect.damage.lightning Adventure
    Essentials Various None essentials.protect.damage.projectiles Adventure
    Essentials Various None essentials.protect.damage.suffocation Adventure
    Essentials Various None essentials.protect.damage.tnt Adventure
    Essentials Various None essentials.protect.pvp Adventure
    Essentials Various None essentials.signs.create.sell Adventure
    Essentials Various None essentials.signs.use.balance Adventure
    Essentials Various None essentials.signs.use.buy Adventure
    Essentials Various None essentials.signs.use.sell Adventure
    Essentials Various None essentials.signs.use.warp Adventure
    AutoRank Rank ar check autorank.check Adventure
    AutoRank Rank ar leaderboard autorank.leaderboard Adventure
    AutoRank Rank autorank.help Adventure
    AutoRank Rank autorank.track autorank.track Adventure
    AutoRank Rank ar view autorank.view Adventure
    LWC Protection lwc.create.private Adventure
    LWC Protection lwc.modify Adventure
    LWC Protection lwc.remove Adventure
    LWC Protection lwc.allflags Adventure
    RandomTP RTP rtp randomtp.tp Adventure
    RandomTP RTP randomtp.signs.use Adventure
    WorldBorder wb worldborder.help Adventure
    Essentials Mail rtp essentials.msg Adventure

    Settler Rank

    Mod Category Command Permission Rank
    Essentials depth essentials.depth Settler
    Essentials ignore essentials.chat.ignore Settler
    Essentials economy pay essentials.pay Settler
    Essentials economy sell essentials.sell Settler
    Essentials economy worth essentials.worth Settler
    LWC Protection lwc.info Settler


    Essentials Catgory essentials.compass Farmer
    Essentials msg essentials.msg.multiple Farmer
    Essentials Various None essentials.signs.create.balance Farmer
    Essentials Various None essentials.signs.create.buy Farmer


    Mod Category Command Permission Rank
    Essentials Various None essentials.signs.color Engineer


    Mod Category Command Permission Rank
    Essentials Teleport tptoggle essentials.teleport.cooldown.bypass Elite
    Essentials Teleport tptoggle essentials.teleport.timer.bypass Elite
    Essentials Teleport tptoggle essentials.teleport.timer.move Elite


    Mod Category Command Permission Rank
    Essentials Various None essentials.joinfullserver DonatorMk1


    Mod Category Command Permission Rank
    Essentials afk essentials.afk.kickexempt DonatorMK2
    Essentials me essentials.me DonatorMK2
    Essentials near essentials.near DonatorMK2
    Essentials near essentials.near.maxexempt DonatorMK2
    Essentials near essentials.near.others DonatorMK2
    Essentials nick essentials.nick DonatorMK2
    Essentials nick essentials.nick.color DonatorMK2
    Essentials nick essentials.nick.format DonatorMK2
    Essentials nick essentials.nick.magic DonatorMK2


    Mod Category Command Permission Rank
    Essentials msg essentials.msg.color DonatorMK3
    Essentials msg essentials.msg.format DonatorMK3
    Essentials msg essentials.msg.url DonatorMK3
    Essentials r essentials.msg.magic DonatorMK3
    Essentials Various None essentials.chat.color DonatorMK3
    Essentials Various None essentials.chat.format DonatorMK3
    Essentials Various None essentials.chat.magic DonatorMK3
    Essentials Various None essentials.signs.format DonatorMK3
    Essentials Various None essentials.signs.magic DonatorMK3

    Helper+ See tjwmagic

    TODO: Make Anchor tags to each rank.