Some cleanup

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    We have done a few little changes to the forums and servers:

    • @Paint_Ninja has added some effects so we all can get into winter mood :snowflake: :snowman2:, sitting with hot coffee or chocalate inside watching the elemets outside :coffee:, thanks for that!
    • I have removed Service Requests and General Feedback sections from the forums as they were barely used and should be replaced with a new concept :thinking:
    • Few little changes to server configurations including adding 2 GB more to the Modern Millenaire server (which should run smooth by now).

    So what is still due:

    Share your opinions in comments below, don’t be shy ;)

  • Support

    For the Modern Millenaire Server I will have our current Moderators and I assist me with Creating a Christmas Theme Zone, and prepare a soon to come Christmas Drop Party, all other server may like to Add a Christmas Kit for all players that way NO ONE misses out on this wonderful season

    :) Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

  • Support

    I am hoping that there might be a rank update for the Novus servers. #ChristmasEvent @Novus #NotASpoiler. Not at all. :)

  • Support

    @tjwmagic #NotASpoiler

  • Greenhorn

    @Brobe40 I think that’s all a great idea, and look forward to helping out with these projects!

  • Novus

    Osmium gibts im Biom “greater Hills” heisst es glaube ich. Und eventuell noch in 1 oder 2 anderen Biomen. Dort aber dann massig. In anderen Biomen hingegen 0.

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