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    Hey gamers!

    We know the last update for our Novus Bevo Modpack was about three days ago but we already got the next update ready for you :slight_smile: With this update add the few missing mods into our pack which are in the official Novus Bevo pack by the group of German YouTubers which they have just released.

    This update will add the following mods:

    • Biomes O’ Plenty (Client side only because of performance)
    • Crafting Pillars
    • INpureCore
    • Dimensional Anchors (Client only because of performance)
    • The Elysium (Client only because of performance)

    The image above shows the spawn of the upcoming official Novus Bevo Draconis server. The fourth server in our lineup which will be released together with the update!

    If you like our modpack and want to help us out, make sure to give it a like on Technicpack by clicking the image below and clicking the heart on our Technicpack page


  • Can u add lucky blocks in the next update? or is it to laagy?

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    Try Forbidden Magic its a thaumcraft mod which works with other mods in this modpack like blood magic botania

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    You know what would be fun, for the Winter/Christmas update, add in various holiday mods where you can have Tree with lights, presents, etc. I have never seen a modpack do this before.

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    Update is out for everyone! Fourth server nickname Draconis is online! Have fun and report any bug you find.

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    If you encounter client crashes, try removing Optifine from your mods folder. We are looking into it!


    see this

    I apologize for the inconvenience, a fix will arrive early this morning (CEST).