• hello everyone. now i have been playing the server for a while now, but its getting really lonely. there is hardly anyone on. so i was wondering if there is anyway for getting more people on the server. and i was also wondering about this update. whether or not it will be coming soon and if the world will be reset when it does update.

    this has been KightBifer. comedian, story teller, and minecraft player.

    best of wishes to you

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    Dear KnightBifer,

    we are actually very busy but we also need help to advertise this modpack/server. Are you interested in to advertise ? (That means to make some threads in some forums or doing serverlists-posts)
    Give us some ideas to get these server up :)

    Best Regards

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    Hello KnightBifer,
    As ManuXz said,
    We have not enough time at the monent for doing all the stuff what should be done,
    And ,as you said, on the SAC server doesn’t play many People, so it is not on the top of our list (but it will be still maintenanced , its a awesome modpack)
    We have only a limited amount of time who we can use for doing Server Work.

    But we accept every help what we get.
    And it can be helped in many different ways ( even without beeing a special Staff member,etc)

    As you said, the server needs more people,
    As ManuXz said, the server needs to be more advertised for example.

    @Everyone Feel free to Help us

  • i’m new to all this. i dont know how to make threads. and we all know joining another server and preaching Steve’s adventure craft server isn’t a option. but i do have a few ideas. they may be kinda stupid, but i dont really know how server things like this work. so here are my ideas

    1. you could perhaps make a alliance with another server running website thing. then you both could support each other. and people from their servers and websites might see your servers and think “hey this server looks pretty cool”

    2. perhaps on the main page of the website you can put lists of servers that aren’t doing that well. like it says (Steve’s adventure craft server becoming a ghost server. awesome pack in need of players) or something like that.

    i will attempted to think of more ideas as my day go’s on.

    best regards from Knightbifer. comedian, story teller, and minecraft player :)