• Administrator

    Hey there Adventurers,

    We are happy to announce that we have released the first bug-fix update!

    Changelog Modpack:

    • Added ItemPhysics
    • Added Dynamic Lights
    • Added TabbyChat (you will love this, better chat!)
    • Removed FastCraft (Should solve visual bugs)
    • Tweaked Key config (TAB Dashboard is working now!)
    • Tweaked video settings for better performance

    Changelog Server:

    • Preparing rank system
    • Made announcements more visible. Please note them, then are important!
    • Fixed bug that sent you to spawn when dying rather than to your bed / first home. You will now spawn at home after dying if you set a home.

    This update is 100% compatible with the current server version. We will update the server tomorrow (20160721 ~ 06:00 CEST) to be the same version as the modpack. This will require you to have the latest version ( of the modpack installed.

    Have fun and happy mining