Hey there Adventurers, We are happy to announce that we have released the first bug-fix update! Changelog Modpack: Added ItemPhysics Added Dynamic Lights Added TabbyChat (you will love this, better chat!) Removed FastCraft (Should solve visual bugs) Tweaked Key config (TAB Dashboard is working now!) Tweaked video settings for better performance Changelog Server: Preparing rank system Made announcements more visible. Please note them, then are important! Fixed bug that sent you to spawn when dying rather than to your bed / first home. You will now spawn at home after dying if you set a home. This update is 100% compatible with the current server version. We will update the server tomorrow (20160721 ~ 06:00 CEST) to be the same version as the modpack. This will require you to have the latest version ( of the modpack installed. Have fun and happy mining Bent