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    Hello there adventurer,

    with this tutorial, we (Unitedworldminers) would like to help you get into the game and solve most of the issues and questions which come up over and over again. We encourage every player to go through this thread regardless if you are a new or experienced player. So let’s start right away:

    What are the servers rules?

    First of all: Use common sense!


    1. No bug using
    2. No griefing (stealing) from others in the main world (the world where you go with /spawn)
    3. PVP / Raiding only worlds where PVP is enabled (not in the overworld where you get using /spawn)
    4. Don’t destroy other players buildings / creations
    5. Mining is only permitted in the mining world (farm)
    6. Don’t fool other players
    7. Don’t use hacks
    8. Don’t insult anyone
    9. Don’t spam the chat (also don’t CONSTANTLY USE CAPS)
    10. Don’t spam “LAG!”,“lagg”,“it lags -.-” or similar
    11. Don’t use offensive skins or build offensive structures
    12. Be nice and keep the chat clean of anything inappropriate for minors
    13. Pay attention to the teams instructions

    Any disregard of these rules will be punished.

    How to get started on the server? | Where can I build? <<< READ THIS!! >>>

    We recommend starting on the server by visiting the mining world using /warp farm. In there you can randomly teleport using /rtp. You should start mining your first resources, formerly wood, stone, coal, iron etc… After you have gathered your first supplies, use /spawn to get back to the overworld. In there, you can either leave the spawn using the exit(s) and run for some time to find a nice spot to settle or you can use /rtp to be teleported to a random spot within the worlds border.

    You might build a house in the overworld (the world you are in using /spawn). To get back to your house at any time, we recommend setting up a home point using /sethome house which allows you to get back to your house from anywhere using /home house. You are allowed to build anywhere in the overworld. Be nice though and respect your neighbors.


    To avoid your house being destroyed by other players or your resources being stolen, you must claim your property (see this video for a quick tutorial on how to do this).

    From here on, it’s up to your imagination. You might build your own castle, build a factory to automize your production, build a rocket and leave earth or whatever you like. There is no “perfect way to start with mods”. Everybody has to find his own way here. If you have questions about a specific mod, we recommend either asking that question in the servers chat or preferably in our forums Support section for this modpack. A lot of tutorials for every mod in this modpack can be found on Youtube and Google, so simply use your computer skills before asking the same questions over and over again.

    How do I claim on the server?

    How to prevent griefing | How do I protect my items?

    We have FTBUtilities installed on this server. This awesome plugin allows anyone on the server to protect his property against grief and provides awesome social features.
    The video above shows you how to use it. We still got a few words in addition:
    As there are more than 200 mods installed on this server, there are dozens of ways to get around FTBUtilities protection. We know this. There is no way to fix all loopholes with FTBUtilities so the best way to protect all your things is to build all your chests / storages etc. in a closed building and protect that building. Make sure that all doors are shut at all times so nobody can get in. Chests which stand lonely on fields are vulnerable to dozens of tricks using mods! So build them a home.

    One recommendation from our side: To protect your property better, consider using the mods included in the modpack to protect your land. For example, you could use Turrets to protect your house against griefers additionally to FTBUtilities.

    Though we provide FTBUtilities as a tool for you to claim your property, we are not liable for any grief / we will not refund any items. This is a change as of 2016.08.13 because at such a large community the number of evil people on a modded server is too high to manage them in any way. Griefing is still denied in the overworld.

    For anyone interested on more infos about FTBUtilitites, have a look at this!

    Is PVP / raiding allowed on this server?

    PVP and raiding / griefing is not allowed in the overworld (the world where you get using /spawn) not even if something there is unprotected.
    PVP and raiding are allowed in any other world

    Is this a German server?

    Our server is international. Everyone from any nation is welcome!


    What are recent issues?

    The most recent issue is the fact that GriefPrevention keeps stopping to work leaving all claimed areas unprotected. The issue for this is or better said has been our SQL server. We have applied dozens of fixes and optimizations to the server to ensure that GriefPrevention will not break at any time. We sincerely apologize for this kind of issues and do everything possible to avoid these!

    If you see GriefPrevention not working (you will not be able to claim land / resize your claim if this is the case) tell us immediately here so we can solve the issue as fast as possible and protect your land!

    How far can I walk?

    To reduce lag on our server we have added a world border. This border is a magical and invisible wall which you can’t pass. We have pre-rendered each chunk within this border to avoid lag created by world generation which normally occurs when new chunks are rendered on need.

    • In the overworld (main world) you can run 4000 blocks in every direction from the spawn.
    • In the farm world you can run 3000 blocks in every direction.
    • In the nether you can run 1500 blocks in every direction.
    • In the end you can run / fly 2000 blocks in every direction.
    • In the Twilight Forest you can run 1500 blocks in every direction.
    • In the deep dark you can run 2000 blocks in every direction.

    LAG LAG LAG “It lags!” | Blocks appear again after they have been mined

    Okay, first of all, don’t ever write “LAG” into the chat. Not only will this put you on our #!?_…#* list but this will not help anyone on this earth. If the server lags, everyone will know it anyway.

    But let’s get something clear. There are two types of lag, one type is client side lag, which is lag on your client caused by wrong setting or low budget / bad hardware. The other kind of lag is server lag, caused by Minecraft itself.

    So how to find out where the lag you notice comes from? Simple:

    press F3 on your keyboard to show additional debug information. In the top left corner of your screen you should see something similar to this:

    0_1468981397248_Minecraft 1.7.10_707.png

    Look out for the number of “fps” (frames per second) which is marked red in the screenshot above. So when does it “lag” for you? If this number is lower than 30 fps then you will most likely notice lag and stuttering images. This kind of lag is called client lag and has nothing to do with our server. The only fix is lowering your graphics settings and / or getting better hardware (a better processor to be precise as Minecraft is a CPU heavy game).

    If you want to harvest some blocks and they appear again after you have mined them, then you are most likely experiencing server side lag. How can you confirm this? Simply put /gc into the chat. This will output the servers debug information similar to this:
    0_1468981805078_Minecraft 1.7.10_708.png

    The number behind Current TPS indicates how many “ticks” the server does in a second. What is a tick? Let’s cite Gamepedia here:

    Nearly all video games (including Minecraft) are driven by one big program loop. Just as every gear in a clock is synchronized with the pendulum, every task involved in advancing a game simulation is synchronized with the game loop. Appropriately, one cycle of the game loop is called a tick.

    So what does this mean?

    If the amount of ticks per second (tps) is below about 15 you will experience block lag (e.g. blocks appearing again and again after they have already been mined). The cause for this can be very different but comes down to modded Minecraft’s nature almost every time. Minecraft has to calculate a lot of things each second. If something takes longer than normal then things start to lag. Generally, you can say, the higher the number of players online, the higher the number of chunks loaded, the more load on the server, the more lag.
    As the physical servers we host our Minecraft servers on are really powerful already, we cannot do much about this but tweaking configs and checking for erroring chunks. What we do a lot in the background.

    But that’s not all! You the player can also help keeping lag at a minimum for everybody by building efficiently, avoiding large animal farms (no you don’t need 50 chicken, cows, sheep etc.) and spreading your factories about multiple chunks rather than squeezing everything into one chunk. Also “think before building” and avoid infinite loops in your storage systems. If you have some rituals or spells going on, stop them if you don’t necessarily need them. If you use something to speed up plant growth: Stop it if you don’t need it. What also helps to reduce lag is to keep your stays in the Twilight Forest as short as possible as this dimensions is the one creating the most lag. Don’t use the Quarry, use the Digital Miner. Also flying around less than you walk will help to keep the server performance high.

    And please stop complaining that our root servers suck. First, they don’t. Second, they are not the reason. Third: No it will not help adding more RAM for the Minecraft server. We know what we do, we are in the “business” for more than four years now.

    Can I use the Quarry / Digital Miner / Ender Quarry / Mining Turtle

    In short: Yes you may!
    You are only permitted to use these machines in the mining world (farm) or any other dimension but not and never in the overworld. Disregard of this rule will result in punishment.
    On the Novus Bevo Bravo Server, the Quarry is disabled as there are way better alternatives (Digital Miner / Ender Quarry / Mining Turtle).

    We also highly encourage you not to use the Quarry or Ender Quarry because these cause a lot of lag. We recommend using the Digital Miner instead. It’s not harder to get and has way more options. Make sure to protect your mining machine and it’s setup around it to avoid it being stolen.

    Why is my ping so high?

    You can check your current ping time from the tab menu (press and hold your TAB key on your keyboard). The value behind your name indicates how long it takes for a packet to travel from your client to the server and back.
    An alternative way to check your ping is the /ping command. As our servers are located in Germany you might experience worse ping times when playing from within the U.S. or other countries further away from Germany.
    We are working hard on keeping the ping to countries outside Germany as low as possible but the real numbers depend on many factors. Generally, the ping from Germany to the U.S. is about 120ms. Minecraft adds about 100-200ms of ping on top of that. So a ping of about 300ms can be considered normal. If you ping stays below 500ms you should be okay and will most likely notice no issues at all.

    If your ping goes higher than this, I recommend checking your internet connection. A bad ping happens when you or somebody using the same internet connection like you is uploading large files. Also using wifi to connect your computer to your modem will result in a bad ping (consider using a LAN connection to your router then).

    If your ping stays high, we recommend trying to restart both, your modem and computer.

    Why is there no questing book?

    Normally the Novus Bevo modpack comes with a set of quests as well as the famous questing book. Unfortunately, there is a bug with the HQM mod which we are currently fixing, so, for now, there is now questing book. And no you can’t craft it or obtain it in any other way. For the curious of you: Yes we will re-add the HQM mod when the bug is resolved.

    Questing book has been enabled again! Have fun :smirk:

    Is the mining world, nether and end being reset after some time?

    Yes, regularly!

    We are planning to reset the mining world (farm / farm world), nether and end about every two weeks. Time will tell if we need to decrease the period of time. We will announce a reset of the world’s a few days before it will happen using the forums and in game mail / announcements. Please don’t build your house in the mining world and make sure to rescue all your gear before the reset. We will not care about the things left in the worlds as mentioned previously.

    How can I load chunks? | How to keep my machines running when I am not around?

    On this server, you can use the Personal Anchor:
    0_1469023461561_Minecraft 1.7.10_711.png
    This block is provided by the Railcraft mod. It will keep a 3 × 3 area of chunks loaded to memory while consuming one diamond every real time hour. Some may ask “why is this so expensive?” The reason for this is that chunk loading comes at the cost of a lot of server performance. With the high price, we want to limit this to avoid lag while leaving the option for chunk loading open to anyone.

    How can I support this server?

    You can donate to our server using our donation store or you can directly donate a custom amount using PayPal.
    What also supports us a lot is giving this modpack a like on our Technic page as well as telling all your friends / clan members about it.

    I want to get the Novus badge, so how can I get it?

    Simply join our Novus group here in the forums!


    Is there an in game shop?

    Currently not. We will add a shop in the next weeks, so stay excited and make your suggestions what we should implement.

    What is banned on this server? | Why can’t I craft item xyz?

    On our Novus Bevo servers, almost nothing is banned. We only partially ban some items like the mining laser, Quarry, and mining turtles in the overworld to avoid griefing. But all of these can be used in any other dimension.
    Some item recipes are changed. This is intended and the same in the original Bevo modpack. Take care of the tooltips in NEI as some items recommend using alternative or have a reason why crafting is disabled.

    Why have you banned and removed the Wind Generator?

    Yes we know you girls and guys love the Wind Generator of Mekanism but this machine has been overused on the Novus Bevo Alpha server and caused major lags. We have been denying the placement of this generator as well as we have removed about 4000 active Wind Generators which have been slowing down the server a lot.

    By doing this optimization we have been able to improve the servers performance by about eight times.

    Why is the chat different? | How to close chat tabs?

    In this modpack and server, we use a mod called TabbyChat. It allows you to customize the chat to your likings and provides some additional features. See the video below for a really quick tutorial on the basic functions:

    Common commands

    • /sethome set your home points
    • /home get to your home points
    • /delhome delete one of your home points
    • /help show help information for all commands
    • /tpa ask someone to allow to teleport to him

    How can I get involved in your community? | How do I apply for staff?

    We are an open community. We are happy to talk to anyone on our Teamspeak Server (IP: unitedworldminers.com). If you would like to get involved in the development or have an awesome idea on how to improve things, then you should use our forums. In there we have the appropriate sections for bug reports, staff applications, chitchat and feedback / ideas as well as the latest news.


    Something was stolen! | My items have been bugged away| Help me because I need help! | “Help Admin!” | “Admin!”

    If you think you need help because some of your items have been lost due to a bug use our forums! Consider this beforehand:

    We will not refund any items that have been stolen, we will not refund any items that bugged away during a server reboot, we will not refund any items that have been lost after you dropped them on the ground, we will not refund any rockets from GalactiCraft (yes this mod is buggy), we will not refund the contents of your lost backpacks.

    We may only refund items if we have caused the loss. The decision to refund items is on our side. If you loose something, deal with it!

    We as admins have hundreds of requests each day. Asking us in the chat and thinking that you may get instant help is idealistic and impossible, you are not the only player on our server. For us to help you in the best possible way you should open a thread in our forums bug section with all the necessary details. A staff member will help you as soon as possible and will do all he or she can do to resolve your issue.
    Constantly spamming and bothering us in the chat will result in a ban. Writing a quick bug report takes less than two minutes but may save us and you lots of time. So man up and write a few sentences!

    My rockets (GalactiCraft) disappear when trying to go into space?!

    This is a known bug. Caused by low TPS and a badly coded mod. When you launch your rocket to space, be aware that you might lose it as well as everything you have in your inventory. We recommend only flying to space if less than 10 people are on the server and the tps are at least at 20-18 tps (see /gc for that information). Also take a Enderpouch with you and store your items on the ground, so in case you die, your items are still safe! We will not refund your rocket or items!

    Why am I being kicked after idling for 15 minutes? How to avoid afk kick?

    As many people want to play on our server and slots are limited it would be unfair if there are people online that only stand afk to chunkload something, right? For this reason, we kick everyone who idles for at least 15 minutes.
    Do you want to avoid being auto kicked? Consider getting a donator rank (MK2 or MK3) and you will not be kicked for being afk anymore!

    I got graphical glitches! | The world keeps unloading | I can see beneath the ground

    Most likely you have set the chunk loading mode in your video settings to Multi-Core. As this mode speeds up the rendering of chunks around you, it may cause severe graphical glitches and we recommend setting the chunk loading mode to Smooth which also is the best mode considering performance.

    To change this setting press Esc --> Options... --> Video Settings...

    0_1469383461186_Minecraft 1.7.10_718.png

    0_1469383450313_Minecraft 1.7.10_719.png

    The server keeps crashing, why?

    As this server combines more than 200 mods at once it is unstable by the nature of modded Minecraft. We do our best to keep server crashes at a minimum but cannot guarantee zero crashes. The good news is, that the server will always come back after a few minutes, so don’t worry. Grab a cup of tee or coffee in the meantime.

    If the server should not come back within 10 minutes or more, then tell us via a simple and fast support ticket.

    The only caveat of a server crash is a rollback of about 5 minutes in the worst case. The reason for this is the fact, that the server saves the world only every 60 seconds from the RAM to our root servers disk.

    My client crashes occasionally

    Same as with the occasional server crashes above this can be considered “normal”. Minecraft 1.7.10 is not made for mods by Mojang (the company behind Minecraft). Most client-side crashes are caused by slow / old computer hardware as well as outdated drivers and software. You shall always keep your graphics drivers and operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) on the latest version to make sure everything runs smooth.

    Most important is that your Java version is also up to date. Not only for Minecraft to run at it’s best, but also to be less vulnerable to common hacking attacks / vulnerabilities in old Java versions. More info’s about updating Java can be found in the section “How to update Java” below.

    If all your software is up to date and your hardware is above the minimum requirements stated in the section below, we would love to look into this issue. For us to be able to help you, we need as much information about the crash as possible. Please visit our Support category here in the forums to post your bugs.


    By the way, screaming “It crashes!” “It does not work, fix it!” “The modpack won’t start!” or similar does not help anyone, nor will we ever help you! Not because of arrogance but because your messages contain zero information about “Why? How to reproduce the bug? What have you already tried to fix this? etc.”

    How to update Java

    The recommended version of Java to play this modpack is Java 8 64bit.

    Nothing else. You shall not use Java 7 or lower as these versions are already deprecated and highly vulnerable to hacks and viruses. If you have any Java version below Java 8 installed, please uninstall it.

    To update Java to the latest and most secure version, click this link. This will download Java 8 64bit directly from Oracle, the company which develops and distributes Java. If you don’t trust this link, fair enough! Visit Oracle yourself and get the appropriate version here and look for a file similar to this (jre-8u101-OPERATINGSYSTEM-x64.exe) (note the x64 indicating a 64-bit version) .

    Do not ever download Java from any other site than Oracle itself. Never! Most sites include adware / viruses or other bad things in the copies they distribute.

    Why 64bit you may ask? The 64bit version allows you to run Java applications like Minecraft with more than 1.5GB of RAM! This increases Minecraft’s performance a lot.

    How to set the right amount of RAM for the Modpack in the Technic Launcher?

    To play the Novus [Bevo] modpack, we recommend using at least 3 GB of RAM. Using less than 3 GB of RAM will result in bad performance and will most likely render this modpack unplayable.

    Some explanation about RAM:
    If your computer has 8 GB of RAM, don’t assign 8 GB of RAM to Minecraft. This will result in your computer starting to swap out RAM to your HDD or SSD which is painfully slow because Minecraft will use up all RAM and will leave no RAM to your operating system.


    Some recommended values are:

    • 2GB RAM in your system -> Don’t even try to play Minecraft
    • 4GB RAM in your system -> 2.5GB assigned to Minecraft (most likely unplayble)
    • 8GB RAM in your system -> 4GB assigned to Minecraft
    • 16GB RAM in your system -> 4GB assigned to Minecraft
    • 32GB or more RAM in your system -> 6GB assigned to Minecraft

    See the following video for instructions on how to increase the amount of memory usable by Minecraft using the Technic Launcher:

    Where can I get the server pack?

    Currently, we do not provide a server pack for this modpack, as we are still adjusting and optimizing the settings. We may release a server package in the near future but our primary goal is to provide you with the highest possible quality.

    One important thing to note: Custom servers will not receive our support.

    What are the servers specs?

    • CPU i7-3930K CPU @ 3.80GHz 6C/12T
    • 64GB DDR3 RAM (14GB assigned solely to Minecraft)
    • SSD Storage (Sequential Read / Write up to 540 / 490 MB/s | Random Read / Write up to 41K / 80K IOPs)
    • 1 GBit upstream
    • OS: Ubuntu Linux
    • Hosted by Unitedworldminers.com (us ourselves!)


    Thank you for reading this guide. If you miss something, let us know in the comments. This guide is a work in progress in will be extended over time.

    One last word: You can do almost anything you want on this server (while respecting the rules), just don’t upset us and we will have a great time together.

    last edit: 20160902 03:30 CEST

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    A lot of servers I have been on does not have any type of Beginners Guide. I love how when I first started playing Novus a few weeks ago, I was directed to go here, and everything I needed was in one spot. Thank you!

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    Tip Top ;)
    Ihr seid momentan mein Hobby. Und Hobbys kosten Geld.
    Ihr macht das super, würde sogar gerne mitmachen, habe leider nicht die Zeit dafür ;)

    Das freut mich! Jeder kann bei uns mitwirken, egal wie viel Zeit man hat. Verbesserungsvorschlag ins Forum und wir schauen es uns an / implementieren es wenn es was passendes ist ;)