Recent issues with Server

  • The server as of late has been acting up… The server has been crashing/restarting quite often as of late and for unknown reasons. It was understandable at first as it may have restarted due to glitches or such, but it has gotten worse, It now restarts so often that it’s hard to even play the game online. That’s not all however, its also begun to restart in a series “many times within a few minutes” and only breathly stops.

    Can this please be fixed, this has gotten out of hand.

  • Greenhorn

    It dies every time you join. xD

  • Administrator

    Hello @Evolvedgamer1 ,

    thanks for informing us about this. We have recognized this already and are, as said before, working on the major update. With this, many changes and fixes will be applied which will also improve server stability a lot.

    The pack was once created by different people and we just took over the management when they left out of nowhere. We now finally got the time to work on the updates for the modpack. I have been working on it about 6 hours yesterday, still a lot of things left to do.

    I know it’s bad to say “please wait for the update” but I will assure you that it won’t be long until we get the update out. I hope you’ll understand.



  • @saschka01 There’s no way that it’s being caused by me, I can’t do anything that would cause it, however it might have something to do with one of Xi0rans bases which I had come across while mapping out the outer regions

  • Support

    Well thats a killer base xD

  • Administrator

    It had nothing to do with anyone’s base, so you can keep calm ;)