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    With CMv4.2 development underway, I thought it would be great if we could have a newer look to the menu system and wanted to get you involved, yes, you! Wouldn’t it be great if you could showcase your favourite bits of CM that you took pictures of yourself to anyone who starts up the game? Now’s your chance!

    I’m looking for screenshots of CM ingame that show what you love best. I personally will pick out some of my favourite entries and they’ll be in the new update.



    • Must be taken with CraftMine v4.1 Standard or Ultra edition with all settings on defaults, no additional mods
    • The HUD/GUI must be hidden (press F1 to toggle HUD/GUI visibility)
    • No jpgs, original untouched png screenshots please!


    • Dark-ish images look best on the menu system, bright colours don’t seem to blend well with the grunge border
    • Avoid a very busy image (e.g. lots of things all cramed into one screenshot)
    • If you’re trying to showcase a build, put it to the side of the image if possible as the middle will be partly obscured by the menu buttons and CM logo
    • If you get an error saying “Request entity too large” when trying to upload your image, upload it to somewhere like imgur or dropbox manually then copy the link to the image and paste it into your post

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    It would be nice if u added a link to the shaderpack download so everyone can use it :)

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    @Nick Sorry but this isn’t the right place to ask for that. This is for screenshot competition entries, please use the help & support section for general queries.

    Unfortunately the shaderpack in CraftMine is an exclusive and is specifically designed for CM. While manually grabbing the shaderpack from CM and putting it on another modpack may work (for personal uses only, no redistribution permitted), the performance may be worse and possibly glitchy with mods not in CM.

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    Sigh… It’s been a whole month and I’ve got just one entry for this contest. I guess I have no choice but to close this contest and not go ahead with community-made screenshots on the main menu as there just doesn’t seem to be an active CraftMine community anymore. :(