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    Hey there,
    This is our first newsletter, containing some information about the recent Technicpack issues.

    One of our scripts which periodically checks if the Tekkit Legends modpack has been updated has been going crazy last night. So when I woke up, I got about 100+ mails that there has been an update.


    This led me into doing some research so I opened up technicpack.net which presented me this:


    which in most cases means “something bad is failing”.

    A quick research on Technics official Discord got me these info’s:


    So to sum this up shortly, one of Technics admins accounts (may it be their Solder or platforms account) has been compromised and the person who got access started deleting modpacks. Most likely the official modpacks which caused our script to recognize the change within five minutes. To avoid any further damage and investigate into the issue, the Technic team shut down the servers temporary.

    Everyone shall show their understanding and don’t force them to work faster, please be kind to them. Every modpack that is still installed in your launcher can still be played. But keep in mind you cannot re-download any pack currently.




    Tekkit Lengends:

    To play Tekkit Legends, download this zip and extract it’s contents to your Tekkit Legends root (/main) folder. After this restart your Technic Launcher and click on “Play”.
    Tekkit Main:

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    This post is deleted!
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    Technic is back up again. You can read the full story here!

    No userdata has been leaked and things are back up working.

    ~ Bent

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    NICE! hope it does not get hacked again

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    @Nick It shall not as they now allow the use of 2FA (two factor authentication) as well as reCAPTCHA which I can only highly recommend to use to anybody.

    ~ Bent