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  • Novus

    @Xecorr Go up 2 posts on this page.

  • @tmax_hand I have seen the post, tmax. But thanks for telling about it anyway. :)

  • Administrator

    @Xecorr We are still team internally discussing when exactly but most likely in mid July :) We want to deliver quality rather then quantity!

    ~ Bent

  • Delete ender zoo please and add immersive engineering

  • First of all, Happy 4th of July everybody!
    And I would like to recommend some more mods:

    • Big Reactors (Because we always need power!)
    • The new version of Tinkers’ Construct (Because it’s way better and more fun.)
    • MineFactory Reloaded (Has some good endgame items, and useful machines!)

    ( @Bent )

    Thank you!


  • Novus

    I have some suggestions for @Xecorr 's mod suggestions.

    1. We do not need Bigreactors, The mekanism and IC2 (although idk how to use the IC2 one) Give plenty of power.
    2. I agree with Tconstruct, but could we also have tinkerer’s mechworks? that’s a cool useful mod I’ve seen people do really cool things with.
    3. We need minefactory.
      I hope people consider what I have said :)

  • @tmax_hand , I agree with everything you said except the first one.
    We do need Big Reactors, I just can not handle having 30 Wind Mills 100 blocks above my base. It’s just unrealistic and unorganized. But thanks for the suggestions of my suggestions! :D

  • Novus

    I have ANOTHER mod suggestion I was thinking about. Is Hardcore Ender Expansion a possibility? its a really cool mod that could work really well with the others in the pack and would add some really cool things for peeps to play around with.

  • Novus

    O and Extra Cells, which is an Add-on to AE2, adds more storage and fluid storage to the ME and a couple other useful things.

  • is the first 3 mods to be added or the first only

  • @Bent , sorry for @ing you but I just had to ask you guys If you have enough time before releasing version 1.3, can you add in the mod Extra TiC? It’s a add-on for tinker’s construct which makes other mods ores and stuff compatible with TiC smeltery.

    Thank you and the staff for doing your best to make Steve’s Adventure Craft better every update!

  • Yes inventory tweaks!!! :)

  • Administrator

    Hey @Xecorr yes this seems to be an option. We have to check for compatibility with other mods but we will consider this mod for the update.

    ~ Bent

  • Administrator

    @tmax_hand Regarding Hardcore Ender Expansion and Tinkers’ Mechworks: We have to test, first for compatibility and second for general modpack balance.

    @tvrockz23 Regarding Immersive Engineering I don’t think this mod suits the pack. Ender Zoo will not be removed as it adds a fair amount of balance.



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    It is happening!

    #Steve’s Adventure Craft debug

    alt text

  • I would personally love to see the Big Reactor’s mod get added. Compared to Mechanism’s reactors which are a pain to set up, Big Reactor’s makes it much easier to setup reactors

  • These are my opinions on what is needed in the next big mudpack update.

    1. Ender Zoo should be removed, it hasn’t done much for us and is ignored by most of the community.
    2. Compared to the reactors from Mekanism, the mod is easy to understand and can be easily setup.
    3. The Applied Energetics addon would help the community to improve there machine’s.
    4. Removal of the old Tinker’s Construct and addition of the new Tinker’s Construct, It’s been due for an upgrade if you know what I mean.
  • Administrator

    Hmm I think Ender Zoo adds some additional difficulty to the generally really easy pack (especially on the server you can lose no items in the overworld!?). Regarding Big Reactors vs. Mekanism, we have to check this for balance first. Applied Energistics has already been in the pack and will be updated to the latest version with the update.

    Regarding Tinkers Constructs:

    What is meant by old Tinkers Constructs? And what is the new Tinkers Constructs? We will update it to TConstruct-1.7.10-1.8.8.build991.jar which is the latest version which is available for Minecraft 1.7.10. The newer 2.x.x versions of this mod are only available for Minecraft versions 1.8.9+.