Quick update 14.06.2016

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    Hey there Adveturers,

    we are happy to announce that @Kizza1993 has been promoted to be a Moderator. He will help the server to grow and to keep the community happy. You want to know a bit more about him? Check out his application.

    Also for the one who have not noticed yet, due to an error on Technic, the original Steve’s Adventure Pack has been deleted. We have re-uploaded it as the fresh new Steve’s Adventure Craft. If you are not yet using the latest version, make sure to get it here as we cannot update the old pack anymore and it will soon not be compatible with the server anymore. You can transfer your singleplayer worlds and waypoints from the old pack to the new one manually.

    So what’s coming next?

    • Modpack update (updating the mods in general to the newest available versions)
    • Changes to the world-loading-animation: We will reverse it so the chunks load from the ground up rather than falling from the sky
    • Votifier! Yes you heard right, you will get the possibility to gain some nice rewards for voting for the server
    • Something that I might not yet have announced… :O

    You have not joined our forums yet? Simply register here for free and get involved with the server team. Send us your feedback and suggest new mods / plugins you’d like to see on the server.

    But that’s not all, registering in our forums will keep you updated about the latest news. We are also planning on releasing exclusive content through our forums, so stay tuned!



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    :D Because the in-server newsletter receiver list was too large it crashed the server…

    Well yes, our community is huge!

    Server will be back in a minute.

    ~ Bent

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    We started a poll about which mods shall be added today, cast your vote here!

  • There wasn’t a Technic glitch, I removed the modpack out of my own will, as I didn’t have any desire to continue it. I sent you an email about it, @Bent, I am not entirely sure you got it. But I am pretty angry that you re-uploaded it without giving me any credit, what so ever. All i’m asking for is you to credit me for making the original pack. Also, don’t get me wrong, i’m very happy to see the pack still going, and that the community didn’t give up on it.

  • Whale then.

  • Administrator

    First of all, bent will write more to you next week, currently he doesn’t have the time.
    About the pack:
    We’ve tried many times to contact you after its growing up very fast, but all of our mails beeing unanswered.
    After i think it was over a month without response we started to maintenance the modpack by ourselfes, because it was a lot of stuff to fix, and an update was highly requested too.

    After the Pack was removed from Technikpack, we though that it was a bug like the first time, so we Reuploaded it (i think its understandable)

    And because we haven’t any sign of life from you we didn’t think that you are still in relation to this pack or you want to be ( sorry but i cant find the right words at the monent, but i hope yo can follow our thinking)
    We know that this was a Mistake, and I will apologize in the name of our whole Team for missing the credits.
    I don’t think that it is a problem to change this, and we will do it soon :)

  • Novus

    I Get what you’re saying sebi. He means he tried, and he’s apologizing for not giving credit and not realizing you deleted the pack. Soring, you made SAC, correct? Its a fantastic modpack :D

  • @Sebigamer4 Hey, it’s okay, I should have put way more effort into trying to get into contact with you guys. And thanks, it makes me happy that i’ll get credited. ^-^

  • @tmax_hand Yes, and thanks! ^_^

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    @Soringaming I am currently really busy but your request has been seen and will be implemented!

    Sorry for the hassle!

  • Novus

    Great news :-) Thanks

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