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    Jurassic World : Revelations is a community that is tailored to those particular players who just want more to do than a typical Vanilla server.

    We offer a range of different mods that you won’t see on your every day, run of the mill mod pack such as Clockwork Phase and Blood Magic.

    Run by a loving couple, the official server is staffed by an amazing group of players who quickly and efficiently help those out in need.

    An array of plugins and features make this server one of a kind and an experience that will definitely make you feel at home. An in game shop is provided with reasonably priced items is at your disposal for those who enjoy the luxury of not having to craft everything or those who just need a little help finding certan resources.

    Join now to vote for the server for incredible perks, join us for weekly drop parties, peruse the forums, and become part of the family here at JWR.

    You can download the modpack using ATLauncher (www.atlauncher.com) or Technic Launcher (http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/dino-world-1710-104.608199)

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