Everytime I log in, Server crashes!

  • Hey Paint, anyway you could warp me to spawn? Everytime I try to log in I crash the server. Was out exploring when this happened, maybe found some bad chunks or something.

  • CraftMiner


    Sorry for the slow reply, I’ve been pretty busy lately… It sounds like you have unfortunately ended up in a corrupt chunk. :( The only known solution at the moment is for me to reset your playerdata so you’re back at spawn, so I’ve done that.

    When you join again, your client and/or the server may still crash one last time due to the special chunk and player position caching found in CraftMine’s Rapido performance enhancer. The cache will be cleared after that last crash and you should be able to join fine.

    If you have any further problems don’t hesitate to let me know. Just expect slow replies atm :/


  • Sucks, that I lost all the stuff I was carrying. (I had ALOT on me!) But Thanks for getting me out of there. Now I just have to get motivated to rebuild all that stuff.