How do I find out crafting recipes in CraftMine?

  • CraftMiner

    Unlike most modpacks, CraftMine does not have NEI. NEI is not included in CraftMine because it usually looks messy in the inventory screen and is laggy, as it requires all items, blocks, etc… to be rendered every single time the inventory is opened. This can cause lag spikes on inventory opening in CM because of the amount of custom models and animated content in the pack.

    Instead, CraftMine comes with a handy little mod called “CraftGuide”. It is very efficient and therefore doesn’t decrease performance at all, has its own dedicated UI so it doesn’t make your inventory screen look messy, plus it has features NEI lacks.

    • Search recipes by pressing ‘G’ whilst ingame to bring up CraftGuide then click “Set item” to search recipes. You may need to click “text search” in the results if you don’t find what you want.


    • Press ‘G’ whilst hovering over an item in your inventory or container to view its crafting recipe (if any)