• Hello, My name is cat190212, But you may refer to me as Cat. I was a extremely high rank in roblox. I quit after the removal of there currency so I switch to minecraft. I spent days look for the right mod pack with a server, and I came across you. I have been playing your server for a a few weeks now. I have been being a builder for my friend and helping him build his bunker. I helped him redo the whole thing, making him a nice 60 M RF Nuclear power gen, Piping system and power grid. He has commented saying that I can build things no else can build. I have been studying the rules and the way things work in your server also. I speak english too. I think that I will be able to make a great admin. I am active almost everyday and I have a superb vocabulary and grammar. Please get back to me Via email.

    Thank you,

    • cat190212
  • Administrator

    Hey Cat,

    thanks for applying @Tom2143 will look into this! Just giving you some notice that we have seen it!

    Best regards