• Hi my name is Sol (AKA SolrFlame), I wanted to ask if you guys can help me with my mudpack that I just recently created for my youtube channel but when ever I want to log in my world it never lets me inside is load up the world but it nevers lets me and so I was think maybe It has something to do with the solder. So I am here to ask if you guys can help me with my solder problem. The reason I came here was because of one of you advertising wanting to help with the who is your daddy mudpack in by hosting a server and having a solder in it. So that’s why I am here to see if I may have help from you guys for a solder for my mudpack. This is the link so you guys may check it out http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/1710-modded-youtuber-pack . Thank you for listening to this post and helping me if you can contact me at echeverriajuan308@gmail.com if you guys accept to help me. Thank you

  • CraftMiner

    The link to your YouTube channel on your Technic Platform’s pack post takes me to a non-existant channel page and there is no mention about what your modpack’s aims are, what it offers, etc… You’re missing a proper name for your “mudpack” and have no branding for it, nor any permissions shown for redistributing any of the mods contained in your modpack.

    No offense but I personally doubt you will get a free server and Solder instance from UWM or anyone for that matter in your current state. It may be a better idea for you to make some videos of an existing modpack in singleplayer when first starting out on YouTube, such as some of the packs on the UWM network. Attempting to build and maintain your own modpack on top of your own upcoming YouTube channel will be incredibly difficult without an existing fanbase or experience and knowledge in making modpacks, as people won’t be looking for you if they haven’t heard of you before - they’ll be looking for videos of packs they have heard of before, which is where you start getting views in the early days of YT.