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    Hello and welcome to the Vanilla Prime “BeginnerGuide”

    So here are the points:

    1. To get into the questmenu you need to press the „PERIOD (./:)“ key.
      After that you need to click on „Quests“. Now you can see the different quest branches and work them off to get the rewards.

    2. We prepared NPC-Shops on this Server where you can buy different items.

    3. You are also able to finish some Dailyquests

    4. So that you can teleport between the main world, the farmworld and the Jump And Run world we created Warps for you. The warp name fort he Jump and Run map is „/warp JAR“ for the farmworld it is „/warp farm“ and fort he mainworld it is „/warp spawn“.

    5. To offer you many possibilities to build your houses we added some decoration mods. We added slabcraft, staircraft, Chisel, Chisel&Bits and Decocraft. Please use google to find out how they works.

    6. So that the vanilla achievements make sense we added some Rewards for them. From the rewards you can buy items, you will find them at the Quesboard.

    7. To safe your buildings we added the FTB-Utilities mod in this Modpack.
      With this mod you can claime your area per chunk.
      To claim your area you firstly need to go into your inventory by pressing „E“.
      After that you need to search an map icon and press with left click on it.
      Now there is a map with squares on it (one square= one chunk).
      With a left click on a square you can claim the chunk and with a right click you can unclaim it.

    Your welcome for any questions, on this Forum or our Discrod-Channel.

    Best Regards
    The VanillaPrime Team

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    Nicely put together!

    I think we should show this server off on:

    Maybe we can talk about this in TS tonight @ManuXz

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    @Bent After release yea actually we are in the Beta-phase