• Greenhorn

    the server shop lacks items with you can sell and buy.

    its insanely hard to get money to because of that.

    another thign is galaticcraft items such as schematic from tier 4 dungeons is ungetable from the dungeon chest. ( explored more then 50 dungeons and not a single schematic of any kind)

    so if that can be added to be sold aswell it would be perfect.

  • Administrator

    Hey @benjack,

    thanks for your suggestions. I assume we also talked via the server chat earlier :slight_smile:

    I will consider this for the upcoming update of Modern Millenaire / a small update, expect it in the upcoming weeks. Depending on your experience with server shops / shop plugins you would also be invited to directly help us if you are interested!

    Please post all your ideas on how to improve the server and / or modpack here, this really helps us.