• I can dedicate a few hours every day.
      (from about 2:30-4:30 on tuesdays and thursdays and from 2:30-5:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Weekends can be a little tricky, but for the most part I can be on the server.)
    • My Minecraft username is Athena_Wisdom12 (I am female)
    • I am 15 years old
    • My name is Sydney
      (Yes, like Sydney, Australia)
    • I would like to be part of your staff, because I would like to help out if needed
    • I am a good builder and if needed I would love to help create spawns or just aesthetic elements.
    • No, I have not worked as a staff on another server,but I was offered a position. I turned the offer down because the server had too may bug problems.
    • If a player was being rude to me I would give the a warning. If they continued to do the same thing I would kick them from the server as a second warning. After that I would temp. ban them for a few days. If that does not resolve the issue then I would perm. ban them, as it is not the way they should be treating staff members.
      -Thank you for taking time to consider me as an option.
    • Side note- I do not have teamspeak, but I do have discord. I will do what I can to get teamspeak if it is truly a requirement.
  • Support

    Thank you for your application, we will be sure to keep you in mind.

    At these stages Teamspeak is not fully required so Discord is a nice way for contact.

    Could you please reply with your Discord name as well.

    At this current Stage I am setting up a new Ranking system for the server for that Staff are able to climb the Ladder. So as a notice new applications may be a couple of days more or less for acceptance

  • @Brobe40 Thank you so much for taking me as an option! My discord name is athena_wisdom. I look forward to your reply!