we cant join darkend server [Solved]

  • me and my friend cant join the darkend server. we were messing around with the magic mirror changing ourselfs into different players using taglocks. then when we left there was 11 players on line. now ever time we try to join for one it always says theres 11 players on line and the server loots like its still up. and when we try to join it says server timed out. its like the server just froze right when we left. we tried to ping it but wouldn’t reply.

    our user names are as fallows. KnightBifer Drake_taroridis

  • Administrator

    From the management Panel, the server looks online and active, it isn’t freezed
    Please proove your Connection Adress you use, its need to be darkend.unitedworldminers.com (please also check that you haven’t a space letter befor or after the adress in the field)

    If you cant join, after that, please contact us again.

  • thank you so much for replying so fast :) the server seems to be working now. i think the admin was messing around with some sort of plugin. thanks for your help guys :D