• Hi, I’ve been playing on this server for only 3 days now but it’s the second time that some of my chests are suddently all empty - in a claimed area. I’ve spent almost all my time mining and gathering ressources to get a quick start but it’s getting really frustrating when you keep losing most of the stuff. I claimed a huge area around my small base and still some of the chests randomly empty themselfs all of a sudden. Interestingly though, one vanilla double chest emptied only the upper half (like the content of a single chest).

    I’m curious if this has happened to others aswell / how common is it and how can I prevent that in future, because I really start to lose interests - I already lost houres of progress but I’m more concerned for the future, where it could easily mean losing days of work…

    Thanks and greetings, Archony

    Sorry, I forgot to mention I’m playing on the “Draconis” Server

  • I will have a look into this.

    • This will have to be an ongoing process of me talking to other people, Because i am very puzzled as to why this is happening. Because this happens sometimes when you update your minecraft and then play a singleplayer world. But i wouldnt think that would happen on a server?

  • @Xi0ran I have no explanation for it, I have never experienced this before and at first I thought maybe someone stole the stuff because I haven’t had it claimed yet - so I claimed a huge area but it happened again yesterday with 3½ double chests completly filled with stuff. I think my small base is right beside claimed land of yours if I remember correctly, on Server “Draconis”

    I’m sorry I can’t give more information - I was tinkering around trying to get back into the mods again (haven’t played in months) and when I checked the chests they were all empty… I first thought it might be a visual bug because the “smeltery drain” of my smithy also happen to suddently turn invisible - but the information in the interface still said “smeltery drain”. I left out of Frustration, but I will check today again. Maybe the smithy is causing some weird bug…

  • Administrator

    Hey @Archony, this should not happen and is defiantly not intended. What sometimes happens is that the server crashes right after someone has filled their chests. In that case, the chests content could be lost after the reboot.

    Could this have been the case in this one?

  • @Bent Hey Bent

    No I don’t think this was the case as some of the chests were filled way before that. One chest was literally split in half, the upper 3 rows were all gone but the lower 3 were still complete. I rebuilt at another location now and so far everything is fine - maybe the chunk was glitched as I’ve never experienced that before… Just sh*t happens I guess :P

    Thanks & Greez