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    The new forums are up and running and we are looking for moderators to create a better community.

    Hey there! We hope you had a great easter time and relaxed a little. We have been working hard as player counts exceeded 80+ on our network at the same time without any issues. We have also been setting up our new forums which you can see here. We hope you like them and we are open for your feedback and ideas. In the next weeks the forums will get a better, more vibrant design as well as some more features.

    We are proud to announce these forums, as we see them as a great platform to create a bridge between modpack authors, server admins, moderators, us the team behind Unitedworldminers as well as other players and people from all around the world.

    Every good community needs moderators, so do we! We are looking for everybody with the following requirements:

    • 16 years or older
    • Basic English reading / writing / talking skills
    • Ready to talk to us on our Teamspeak
    • Community skills (managing people, helping others and creating a pleasant experience for everybody on our network)

    If you think you are right for this and want to get involved with a vivid and active team, feel free to send us your creative application via email at contact@unitedworldminers.com

    Best regards,

    your Unitedworldminers Team!