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    Hey there @Novus community, as you expected here is the list of changes contained within the latest version of our Novus Bevo modpack! If you experience any issues make sure to report them here, including your crash-report.

    Additionally to the changes below we fixed several bugs on the server and added new farm worlds to all servers. You can access the previous mining world with /warp farm_old.

    Have fun with the update and show us your support if you like.


    • NemesisMod
    • Lucky Block (Client only)
    • Portal Gun (Only on our Novus Bevo Bravo server)
    • Draconic Evolution (Only on our Novus Bevo Bravo server // NEW)
    • Switches Continued
    • Vivecraft
    • Witchery
    • Brandons Core
    • iChunUtil


    • Buildcraft to 7.1.18
    • CarpentersBlocks to
    • DecoCraft to 2.3.3
    • EnderCore to
    • EnderIO to
    • Forestry to
    • GalacticraftCore to
    • GalacticraftPlanets to
    • Growthcraft Community Edition to 2.6.3
    • Industrialcraft2 to 2.2.825
    • Logistics Pipes to
    • MatterOverdrive to 0.4.2-hotfix1
    • Mekanism to
    • MekanismGenerators to
    • MekanismTools to
    • OpenModularTurrets to 2.2.4-225
    • Storage Drawers to 1.10.3
    • novus-bevo-files to 0.0.9
    • novus-bevo-configs to 0.0.6
    • MicdoodleCore to


    • In-Game Wiki Mod
    • INpureCore

    Server side config changes

    • AppliedEnergistics Meteorites now also spawn in the farm world
    • BigReactors ores spawn in the farm world
    • Osmium Ore should finally spawn in the farm world // You’ll find plenty in the Twilight Forest
    • Performance improvements
    • General bugfixes
  • Novus


  • Novus

    No this is not ok portal guns are not on all server Starts Hyperventilaing I might die

    Nah I’m messing, this is for some technical reason I assume? since less people play on bravo, this makes it easier on the servers?

  • Administrator

    @tmax_hand It’s because Portal Gun is really bad regarding griefing. Unfortunately :(

  • Novus

    Really? I didn’t know you could do that. that’s a good enough reason for me.

  • Administrator

    Addition 20160925

    Dear @Novus community,

    due to server performance, we have to remove the Draconic Evolution Mod from the Server(s).

    Thats means, Draconic Evolution is from now available: Client and Novus Bevo Bravo server.

  • Novus

    that really sucks </3

  • Novus

    Wait a sec I’m on Alpha and still have all my draconic evolution stuff how can that be :grey_question: :question: :grey_question:

  • Administrator

    @tmax_hand Reboot will be later today as so many people are currently online

  • Novus

    oh so I shouldn’t spend resources on draconic stuff.

  • Novus

    @Bent, why exactly IS it being removed? Like to me I don’t see any performance problems, (I mean I don’t see any block lag or chat lag or any frames lag or any lag in general) and are you sure its draconic evolution? I freaking love this mod and would hate to see it go :/