• Greenhorn

    Hi there - first to say: I love your work on the server/mod pack!

    Now here is my problem:
    I found a mad scientist in a village, got him with a Safari Net an brought him home. Turned into an android, and had much fun since then.

    I leveled several skills and bought the “sonic shockwave” - problem with this ability is, that it executes every time I land with my angel ring or teleport to travel anchors. The shockwave ignores walls and in a pretty laggy moment I landed near my villagers and accidently executed the shockwave. It killed none of my villager BUT the mad scientist…

    I searched two days in the overworld and the farm world for a new one to buy a yellow pill from him: Only way to reset my abilities and get rid of this skill (several sheeps died in my wool farm since then ;) ).

    So here is my request: Can you please a) give me the mad scientist back or b) atleast cheat me some yellow pills so that I can reset my abilities?

    This is really killing my fun on the server because I keep killing mobs accidentially. And since my scientist died from server-lag, and I spent about 8 real time hours to find a new one, I hope you see that this is not some request for beeing “lazy”.

    Please help!

    Thanks and kind regards,

  • Administrator

    @MrGoodkat Solved by giving out a Spawn Egg. The Spawn Egg for the Mad Scientist can only be found in the creative menu not in NEI! That took us some time to figure that out ;)

  • Greenhorn

    I can confirm: player IS really happy :) - thx again!