• CraftMiner

    So today I started up the Technic Launcher to see if anything’s changed in the aspect of poor packs being promoted on the launcher’s default “Discover” pack. It turns out that they have indeed changed something and it could be a good idea… if done right.

    They’re calling it “Technic Scraps” and are really pushing it on the launcher. They also announced that they’re officially stopping making any official packs and treating these “Technic Scraps” as official packs for short periods of time until the next volume comes out.

    Now initially I thought this was a fantastic idea, but I’m pessimistic about how it’ll work out considering past issues with corruption within the Technic Staff, so I decided to look into it a bit more:

    • First off, two of the three featured packs have very short descriptions and none of them have any evidence of legally redistributing any of the content included within them… not a great start.
    • There are no group votes by the Technic community. While they accept suggestions, it is ultimately a select subset of staff who choose what goes there and what doesn’t - regardless of the community’s opinion.
    • There’s no rules or moderation on that subset of staff. As some of the staff also make their own packs and Technic has been known for corrupt staff a couple of unfortunate occasions in the past, it is entirely possible that some packs will get completely blacklisted from this featured list and the staff’s own packs featured in favour of preventing competition.

    It’ll probably work out great and I hope that it does. I probably won’t actually try any of the packs though as I don’t play many games at all anymore.

  • CraftMiner

    Edit: Amaxster has disclosed that the selectors cannot select their own packs, however it is still unclear what rules they are bounded by and if they are moderated by anyone.