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    With this newsletter, we want to get you all informed about what has been happening and what is upcoming!

    First of all, we have been doing loads of migration work in the background, as we are in the process of replacing one of our slower servers with a shiny new one featuring SSD storage to improve performance.

    We did our best to avoid greater downtimes and you should not have noticed it too much. We have not yet completed the migration but expect to do so until Sunday this week (04.09.2016).

    The migration process will include moving our Novus Bevo Bravo server to our new host, this will result in a short downtime. We will announce this separately to the affected group of players.

    The next thing is our annual Teamspeak server license renewal, you can read more about this here .

    The long-awaited farm // nether // end reset is also upcoming, the date can be found in the forums . Make sure to gather all your items from this world!

    We know it has been some time since we worked on the Steve’s Adventure Craft server and modpack, we sincerely apologize for the delay.

    Unfortunately all our team members have been busy over the past month. But we have not forgotten this server and got an update ready for release!

    We are also looking forward to Halloween. So stay tuned for an event! :)

    One last thing:

    To always stay up to date, we encourage you to follow us on social media:




    as well as have a look at our website , which features a news section.

    Your Unitedworldminers team
    // David / Bent / Sebi / Jessica / Manuel / Chris / Charlene / Tim / Nico / Jan / Martin / Jakob //

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    Thx guys ur de best :D