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    ( @Bent I’m sorry I don’t know what category this goes in so I put it here but If u want u can move it to café lame.)
    So me and @tjwmagic were going around our area when we come upon a base with items EVERYWHERE, like the guy’s chests have exploded. So we snagged it all and put it in a chest and realize a lot of it is stolen items, as we can see from the mechanism tooltips. some names of those items are: @PloxleHD (Though he doesn’t have a forum account, if someone could notify him I have some items of his, that’d be great) @lord_minion21 (he doesn’t either) @SmplGamer (These nerds need to make forum accounts.) @miniigum231 (r u kidding me srsly deez guys need forum accounts.) and @shizoweitacc.If anyone wants to tell these players we found their stuff, please do because I would feel bad keeping their stuff.

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    Well I was traveling and found it.Then brought tmax in. Plus we found some of our stolen stuff. :)