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    @SkyKingAgan Like bent said, it helped reduce crashes by a TON. put ur complaints in the complaint department, the garbage bin :I

  • every 5 minuts a time out , cmon!!

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    @SkyKingAgan how about you contributing rather than just saying it is not working? How about providing valuable information such as crash reports / error descriptions / suggestions on how to improve things?

    What you do is simply a waste of time. You are just one of a bunch of people who are just complaining and never try to improve things. That’s not what we are looking for and that’s also which might some day crash this world’s society. But hey that’s none of my business.

    The issue with the timeouts arises because of egoism by almost each player. Most people think they are the only ones playing and disrespect anything and build just a bunch load of sh*** without thinking just a few seconds if this may be bad for performance. Then there are other players who do something which crashes / timeouts the server, they get back on, do it again, again, again and again not using their brains that they might eventually be the cause for the issue.

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    @Bent Got this error today while on the Alpha server.
    java.io.IOException: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine

    Now I read the alpha server as can’t connect to the server.

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    @tmax_hand telling us to fly to space and when i built my rocket and wanted to fly it just bugged away at attitude 1200 …

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    @JoshDeChamp That shouldn’t happen and has nothing to do with what I said. I was saying shut your mouth, its really, really hard to keep a modded server like this running, and I was trying to say it in a nice way, but that clearly isn’t penetrating what seems like all the complainer’s thick skulls. STOP COMPLAINING! If you want to know how hard it is to run a modded server of this scale, then PLEASE try it, and if it is better, I will pat you on the back, but it WONT be.

    Edit: Sorry. I had to vent.

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    @tmax_hand you are welcome :thumbsup_tone1:

    To allow anyone at least some protection again, we added FTBUtilities to the server and modpack. This solely allows you some more protection, but we will not and never refund any stolen items! You are in charge of protecting your base. There are dozens of possibilities to do this! Look around and read the beginners guide for a quick tutorial as well as a bunch of tips and tricks for the server:

    > Beginners Guide <

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    @tjwmagic @tmax_hand @SkyKingAgan @JoshDeChamp @FWHY @ImFrostezz @Xi0ran @Global-Moderators @administrators @henny222

    Please see the post above :smirk: And spread the news on the Novus Bevo servers!

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