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    Updated please re-read Updated 2010814 - 23:32 CEST

    Dear community,

    many of you have been experiencing severe lags on our Novus Bevo Alpha server in the past week. Additionally, people have been griefed and generally unhappy about the whole servers situation.

    We have been watching and our team has been doing it’s best without any success.

    After one hour of brainstorming about how to continue with the server and how to improve it, we came up with our new plan called “Struggle for Life”.

    Struggle for Life means:
    • No more GriefPrevention // No claims anymore
    • No rules regarding griefing anymore // raid // survival in all worlds
    • Modpack update with more exciting mods
    • Improved server performance // Way less lag and crashes
    • Another server (Novus Bevo Charlie)

    No griefing // raid // PVP in the overworld, allowed in all other worlds | We will still ban anyone simply playing unfair! // You are solely in charge of protecting your base! (Change as of 2016.08.14)

    Before you leave, let me explain our decisions, we know that most of you may disagree with us but:

    As this is a modded server, GriefPrevention had almost zero effect on security as every protection could be bypassed in minutes, even seconds. Also, GriefPrevention was the one most source for lag. GriefPrevention created about 60% of the servers lag!

    Additionally, to this our team is completely at its limits, also many people complain that their items have been stolen though they claim have been protected. We don’t want to keep this illusion of security.

    We think that there are enough mods in this modpack to protect your property no-matter-what in a more secure way. OpenModularTurrets for example. This mod provides really powerful tools to protect your house against any intruder while looking simply awesome.

    As many people complained, we added FTBUtilities to open you the ability to claim your land again. Please keep in mind, we will no longer refund any items nor do we say that this protection is safe in any way. It’s something and it does not create lag, that’s all!

    Big amounts of lag have also been created because people build wind parks with hundreds of windmills. Though this is an easy way to get energy, there are way more ways. For example using Lava and a Thermal Generator // Railcrafts Steam Boiler + Steam Dynamo which have a higher efficiency and less impact on the servers performance.
    To get rid of the wind park issue we will make them more expensive and increase their energy output.

    Changelog update:

    * Added BigReactors
    * Added ExtraTiC
    * Added SecurityCraft
    * Added FTBUtilities
    * Updated ThermalExpansion 
    * Updated ThermalFoundation
    * Updated MinefactoryReloaded
    * Removed LaunchGui

    We know that many of you may disagree with our decisions, we are sorry about this but there is no way of managing such a community which is just constantly complaining and not really trying to improve. There are many people on the server who really just want to play and these will find their joy and place in this next iteration of the server.

    We are always open for your ideas and suggestions on how we can improve things. Just let us know! Also keep an eye on our Beginners Guide for more insider info on how to play safe on our server.

    If you find someone completely playing unfair, you can report the player with evidence here.

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    This is logical. I can see how this works. Plus I cant even play the server, but hopefully these add-ons will fix it:100:

  • I Dont see the difference in lag :p , Im still getting disconnected after a huge lag spike about every 5 minutes.

  • XiOran , same , it’s just a disseas to kick the claim plugin out . Griefing is so easy now , that me and my dudes had to move

  • This is one of the badest things i heared in the last past Year. Just Add the GriefPrevention again! Everyone can now get my Stuff and whats with energy where should we get it from? On the Top of the Earth? Noway thats 100% not a good idea too delete this GriefPrevention Plugin. It laggs like before so just add it again, i dont what pray every time when i go offline that im not get griefed. This is completly bullshit.

  • i now played and half Hour and i must say its not better than before, the lagg does not come from the GriefPrevention Plugin soo just add it! PLEASE!

  • add it again , it’s still lagging , and enable PvP on main map

  • every 3 to 5 Minutes i get a time out. And Its not the fault of the GriefPrevention Plugin!"

  • so witzig das es alle paar minuten lagt , Aber es ist doch das claim plugin schuld :)

  • @administrators @Novus just add the GriefPrevention Plugin again!

  • juste a question/plug in suggiston

    i know that the grif previntion caous lag but have you lookt for diffrent plug in like towny.
    towni is a server plug inand i have jus it in he past and have n expirens whid lag whid towny. up to you what to do but whort a try in my eyes

  • Novus


  • Novus

    @ImFrostezz crescent hammers and other items can bypass grief prevention in seconds. It doesn’t do anything except add lag.

  • @tmax_hand hy not towney

  • Novus

    @FWHY how long have you been here playing the modpacks? Because about 3 months ago, towny broke steve’s adventure craft up and down.

  • Novus

    For all you people who are freaking out over grief prevention removal: My recommendation is to make an underground base, and do the best you can to get to space and make a space station, which is unraidable unless you give someone perms to come up dere.

  • Novus

    Also, @ImFrostezz If you want energy: Big reactors was just added!

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    We can understand your rage but as @tmax_hand already stated, adding GriefPrevention will have no benefit. You can bypass it’s protection in seconds which has been done dozens of times already and which is why we decided to remove it.

    To us the server is running way better from a technical standpoint: 7 hours without a crash. Before, the server did not run more than 10 minutes without hanging.

    We will defiantly look into the timeouts you get!

    As stated in my fist post up there, there a load of ways to protect your property. OpenModularTurrets just being an easy one.

  • Support

    Can’t echo enough of what @Bent said about the OpenModularTurrets. If you do them just right. no one can get pass your defense. You might look at how factions houses are made, so that you got a better idea of how to secure your stuff.

  • for what was the update , when the game still lags af