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    As many of you might have noticed you currently cannot join our Novus Bevo Alpha server. We are doing some emergency server maintenance as the server has been unplayable recently because of lag.

    Somehow the Moon from Galacticraft (DIM-28) has been major cause for the lag. First thing we will try is pre-rendering the Moon (DIM-28) 3000 blocks from X: 0 Z: 0. This should help a lot.

    We have also limited the amount of slots on the server to 25 people. Yes we know you all want to play but at 40+ people online at the same time, nobody can enjoy the game. We are working on more Novus servers so keep looking around for the upcoming update :smirk:

    We will keep our eyes on the server as always and apologize for any inconvenience created by this.

    Please keep in mind, this server has so many players with so many mods, it’s completely normal that things are not as smooth as in the beginning.

    Update 20160812 - 22:00 CEST:

    Novus Bevo Alpha is back up running! Have fun and report any bug!

  • And if the 25 slots are full and you still wanna play , 5$ or 5€ we all can pay . Just remind , MC cost 20€ or 20$. So help it^^

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    Hey, thanks @SkyKingAgan thanks for the info.

    Just to get this clear, we are happy about any donation but this is not ur intention to force anyone to donate! If you like, you can donate for our server using our donation store or you can keep playing just as normal.

    We lowered the number of slots to provide everyone online with a better gaming experience.

    As stated above, we are also working on a third Novus server to get as many people to be able to play as possible.

  • Okay this sounds really nice 25 slots are not much if you think there sometimes 41 players or more but its the best way i think. But i’ve got one question :D When the server is able to start? Because i want to build some cool things and i can’t wait :D

  • sounds good hope the lag fix it self to a playEbal stages