• Could you please reset or generate a new world… We lost all the items in our inventories and I think many of us would like to reset now instead of wasting time waiting for next week.

  • i completely agree i have just spent ages collecting everything into a golden bag as recommended to find its now all gone

  • Yeah and if we try to regain all that we lost than the world is going to be reset anyways next week. I say do a complete reset inventory and world. Maybe even generate a new world.

  • Administrator

    @ArmyMAN701 From my technical point of view I agree with a world reset. Even though this was not my area I tried to fix things with restoring an update about 6 hours ago (which you might have noticed). Unfortunately this did only help for a few hours and somebody somehow managed to break the same chunk again…

    Easiest thing to fix this is a world reset. Sounds hard, is bad but yeah only possibility I can see from here. But this is not my server, and I am the CTO of Unitedworldminers. I do my best to support the server owners!

    @Soringaming @DjGenex please think about this. We got backups but something is obviously broke within your server.

  • We are resetting the world, and we do apologize for the issues, we sadly where not able to save items, as some people had some things from mods that needed to be removed for the server to work properly, But we are currently re-working the server. What you can expect to see: A new spawn, a shop, a working end world, new items and blocks from Minecraft comes alive, a few kits to make getting started on the server a bit easier, due to the reset, player shops, a way to recommend friends to the server and get rewarded for it.

    I personally am very very sorry, I understand a lot of people have worked hard to get where they where. I will understand if people do not come back, as this is a drastic thing. But I hope everyone understands that there was no other possible thing we could have done.

  • brilliant :) and thank you to all the admin that are working hard to allow us to play this very engaging server

  • tbh these staff are the best staff I have seen. Always helping you out :D @danielbridger

  • @Soringaming my in-game home was AWESOME, but it’s going to be hard to say goodbye to it. 😭