• Yesterday I logged out at 8 PM (german time). I had everything locked and did a claim around my digital miner.
    Now i logged in at 6.40 PM (26.07.16) and my quarry is stolen.

    I will append a screenshot, to show where my digital miner was located. Someone build there something with wood. I wasnt the one, which built wood there.

    Also he stole my cables and my wind generators (mekanism). It were 3 generators.

    I really hope, you can give me my digital miner back or find that one, which stole it and built the wood blocks there!


    alt text

  • Administrator

    Hey there @xrayf ,

    thanks for the report! We will have a look at it. Most likely at around 18:00 (CEST) today.

    Was your digital miner in a house or did it stand free?


  • Thanks for your fast response. I hope you can look it up who was the thief.

    My digital miner and my wind generators stand absoluty free, at the position where the water is now. (The little water hole approximatly.)

    The wood planks were maybe build by the thief. As i logged of at monday, there werent any wood planks.

  • @xrayf

    I try to look to your problem. but i need coordinates when you are not online.

    So pls tell me the coordinates and you ingame name :)


  • @owieganowie

    Currently im at work, from my picture I would say, there coordinates where I stand to take it where:


    Behind me was a jungle.

    When im at home, i will look the right coordinates up, i still have the waypoint set.

    My Ingame-Name is “HiImStoppel” without quotes ofc.

  • @owieganowie

    Okay now.
    The coordinates where the quarry (digital miner) was planted are
    X: -2134
    Z: -1332
    Y: 64