• I think this is a great server with a nice environment for players of all kinds. Everyone is very kind and helpful with questions you need answering. I try and help people (even though I cant be staff because I can’t speak to people I don’t know in real life) if they have just started. Although it is an amazing server I think there could be a help command or a room with how to start with the server. Overall I think its a great start of a server and I hope it grows rapidly!


  • Dear owner my dream was always to apply for a helper on a really great server but I Couldnt manage to find any servers good and cool enought untill recently.
    onn this server as i joined 4 the first time i tempted to struggle with getting started untill a nice Ex-head admin namet flow who was unrightfully taken out of his position after cheating to get rid of a curse wich didnt end as it should have after a while after beeing inflicted upon him.But anyway inspired to help the people and the server itself i decided to go and fullfill my dream of becoming a helper on a great server like this 1. But my dream was quickly and brutaly crushed by an item aka poppet or voodoo doll which was in this case in the hands of a certaon mod called AlexHarri21 which gained accses to my Taglock kit after a trade between me and him which was my Taglock kit in trade for a Netherstar. I accepted and now we come to the part of why he crushed my dream. everytime I log on I konstantly keep beeing inflickted with damage foam his 10 VooDoo dolls which is sadly making the act of becoming a sucsessful helper as well as having any kind of fun on the server imposible.
    I ask in hope for you do end the torment of my crushed dream and do something against his VooDoo curse.
    Thank you sencirely Nokori

    P.S. please reactivathe keepInventory it causes fights and anger between the players.

  • You gave me your taglock I used it for bad, You can’t tell me you didn’t expect it…

  • @Nokori Claiming that his staff rank was un-rightfully taken is ridiculous, and to put a curse on someone like that, it takes a while, but he simply spawned in items to get rid of them. I am not going to debate with you on if he should be a staff member or not, as it is my decision. And giving your taglock to someone you don’t trust was not a smart idea, as we have witchery pvp enabled for a reason. Just so you know though, I worked for 3 days to get the items to curse him, and it wasn’t right that he abused his powers to spawn in something to remove the curses.

  • I wont argue about it but still …for what reason did you give my taglock poppet to 1/4 of the server ? Now I cant play anymore thanks to youre doing 1/4 has the power to do any thing with me so thanks for ruining everything!

  • AlexHarri21 why are you ruining everything for me? What did I do to deserve it?
    also I told about the trade in the text.
    If possible please let me have my peace on the server ok?
    Its really not even funny and it never was…so please just stop ok?
    I just wanna have fun.

  • I can’t get your taglocks back, And I can’t use poppets anymore since I’m a vampire! <3