• Administrator

    We apologize for the recent downtime of our Novus Bevo server. The downtime was about 55 minutes. This is way longer than normally.

    The reason for this crash seems to have been the enderstorage mod. We are evaluating this to avoid such issues in the future.

    If such a crash happens again don’t hesitate and file in a quick bug report.

    Our Movie Bevo Bravo server will be launching for everybody with early access tonight (CEST)!

    Edit1: It seems that the crash is related to some enderchest being remotely (a non-player) opened or being accessed by pipes. If you have built something like this, revert it.

    Edit2: We have finally been able to apply a patch to a library. This should fix the issue. We apologize for all the hassle and the series of crashes. We had to look further into the code to find the fix.