Mining turtle disappeared June [Solved]

  • Hi,

    I just begun today to play on your server. I got some diamonds which with I crafted a mining trutle. I invested all my diamonds for this turtle.
    Then I started her in the farmworld and logged off.

    After I logged back in after about 1 hour she is dissappeared. I Lost all my stuff. Please help me!

    I lost everything.

  • Novus

    It seems a lot of people are having things disappear on Bevo.

  • Administrator

    Are you really sure that nobody stole your turtle? How did you protect you turtle?


  • I dont know if my turtle was really protected, I clicked with a stick on the turtle, so I thought she is protected. Also I asked in the chat, if someone could stole it.

    Maybe. But many people said, that the server crashed a few minutes ago and the items of other people were away also.

    Also the blocks which my turtle mined were recovered in the world, as there were never be a turtle or something.

  • Administrator

    The turtle is only protected when it is inside a claim. As soon as it leaves the claim it will not be protected anymore. I assume that you as you wrote only protected the turtle for a small area but not the whole area it operated in. May this be correct?


  • Yep, that was something i didnt know. Thank you.