Cant join server? [Solved]

  • Havin’ a pain gettin’ on the server, try’d gettin’ to the farm via spawn portal, and I crashed…Halp :panda_face: (Pastebin to crashlog)

  • Tells me to restart my game: I’ve done that and continue to crash…

  • Administrator

    Bug confirmed.

    Please use the command /warp Farm to get into the farmworld from anywhere. The issue with the portal at the spawn was that the portal is still linked to an old farmworld which does not exist anymore. As the command stated before is the “way to go” anyway we will just remove the faulty portal.

    Thank you for your bug report.


  • Novus

    WOah woah woah WOAH. Bent, The farm portal is the Only way for me to get to farm. If you do /warp farm, you lose your ars magica levels due to a bug. If u get rid of le portal, I cant go to farm any more. If a new portal is set up, that’d be great, but I kinda need to be able to get to the farm.

  • Novus

    I don’t know why the farm portal doesn’t work for pretty much everyone else except me.