• How much time can I dedicate to the server?: 3-4 hours on school days and 5-6 hours on weekends/breaks

    Minecraft Username:Saral453

    Age:12 (will be 13 in 17 days)

    Name: Saral Gupta

    Country / Timezone: Canada, Mountain Time Zone, UTC-07:00

    Why do I want to be staff?: I would love to help people on the server and would also love to stop hackers, cheaters, etc. i also want to cheer other people on the server because i love to see people having a good time enjoying the server.

    What would I bring to the table as a staff member?: Since i am only 12 i may not be able to bring much but screenshots from a hacker, cheater etc. Other than that i would be a team player and would love to cheer the team up when times are rough. I would also do what i must to help the team out.

    Have I ever worked on another server?: I have played helper on another server before but about 3 months later the server was closed due to everyone quitting the server except for me, the owner, an admin, and a few regular players. And also i was not given creative on that server, but i was given the few commands that a helper actually needs.

    If you have worked on another server, what position was it?: helper, it was a fun experience for me and gave me more experience with working with other people. And i hope i can do it again.

    A player is acting up on the server, and being rude to you, how would you handle this situation?: I would tell him at first that his behaviour is going against the rules, if he continues i will give a warning that if he doesn’t stop then their will be consequences and if he continues, depending on what he is doing, i would move forward with a punishment like muting him or banning him.

    Thank you for viewing my application and i hope you have a wonderful day.

  • Support

    Emm i think that SorinGaming Said That only people who are 13 years old or more can apply for staff.Just Telling!

  • Novus

    No nick, 12 years of age is the correct number, and you would do well to make sure you’re right before saying stuff like that.