A node ate my ME System because of a server crash.

  • Greenhorn

    I was randomizing a node in my base and suddenly I got a hungry node.
    It only ate 2 blocks before I put it in the box again.
    Then the server crashed and when I got back on the node was still there and ate my ME System, a Void Aspected Silverwood Crafting Cepter + other stuff

    ^ Chat before the server crashed (in the 4th line i said that the node only removed my research table and a furnace.

    0_1467978912329_After crash.png

    A picture of the things that were destroyed (Also seen in the picture above)

    This happened around 13:20 Central European Time.

  • Support

    Thats Very op
    That node will help u alot in thaumcraft

  • Support

    This post is deleted!