[Rejected][Ban Appeal] nazarr29

  • I’ve learned my lesson for now it had been about some months past when i got banned im very sorry for my behaviour and i realiy want you to unban me
    I will do my best to help the server.
    Best regards.


  • Yeah, sure of course you can get unbanned!
    Just after blowing my house up and budget’s house up, of course you can get unbanned.
    You destroyed 1 week worth of progress in that house.
    And I am not even talking about budget, he spend a lot of time on that house!
    We can not have players like you just running around, doing bad things that upset the community, and then coming back and doing it again!
    I have a chat log that proves why he should not be unbanned, and stay banned, permanently.
    I know I have been aggressive on the chat log, but who would not be aggressive and try to protect themselves after a psycho blowing up their house!?


    I do not understand how a player like this would have a place in our peaceful community.
    There is, was and will be a reason why he was banned, and should stay banned.


  • If you are still not convinced, please go to GodKillerMatthew’s thread and read the thread from the start to end.

  • Administrator

    You are permanently banned.

    PS: Three lines of text as an unban appeal are not sufficient anyways.

  • Administrator

    Closed by Admin.