Introducing Spoucy: CraftMine just got a whole lot better for servers

  • CraftMiner

    Who remembers the good 'ol days of Spoutcraft? You know… that wierd client some Vanilla servers recommended you to use because it allows the server to send mods to the client in realtime whilst still allowing Vanilla clients to connect?

    Note: If you’re in a hurry or already know about Spoutcraft, you can skip the “What happened to Spoutcraft?” and “What is Spoutcraft?” bits, they’re just there for people who want to have more context on what Spoutcraft is and how Spoucy is related to it.

    What happened to Spoutcraft?
    Spoutcraft eventually got abandoned a few years ago and it was simply because of the way its made. When the “new” Spoutcraft first came out, it was roughly the same time as Minecraft Forge started gaining traction and the plan was the mod developers would all develop “addons” and “plugins” for Spoutcraft (addons being client-side-only mods, plugins being server-side mods that could add client-side content) but unfortunately at the time devs ended up favouring Minecraft Forge instead because of its greater flexibility and faster updates to newer MC versions. Spoutcraft got discontinued when MC1.7 came out because the changes were too huge to do viably, with Spoutcraft being a single fully-fledged jar mod where all the code linked into eachother rather than being modular.

    What is Spoutcraft?
    Anyway, enough with the history lesson. Spoutcraft was amazing because it allowed server owners to make their own modpacks in a way except that the users didn’t need to download and install a modpack - they simply join the server and it works! When you wanna switch to a different server powered by Spoutcraft, you can just join that different server without needing to restart the game or launch a different modpack.

    What is Spoucy?
    Spoucy is a collection of both privately developed exclusive mods for CM and some barely-known public mods. Spoucy’s name comes from the phrase “Spoutcraft with saucy additions”. Together, they bring Spoutcraft functionality to CraftMine. This means that if you want a plain vanilla CraftMine server, you can still do that - but if you want to run a CraftMine server with additional mods like Thaumcraft for example, you can now do that without needing people to download a different modpack nor needing to reobtain permission for every mod in CM and probably illegally redistribute CM. This is HUGE for server owners!

    This is the first draft of this announcement. Functionality mentioned here may be inaccurate, incomplete or still in development. This feature is targeted to be released with CMv4.2 coming later this year