i want to join the server but i dont know how.

  • i have been shopping for a new server to play on and i found this one. only thing is i cant find the modpack. and even if i do will the server be there to join or will i need a password or something.

    if someone could tell me how to find the modpack and find the server please tell me. :D

  • CraftMiner

    @KnightBifer Here’s the steps:

    1. Go to https://bit.ly/cmdownload
    2. Click “Install modpack” on the top right of the page

    If you want to manually find CM, that’s a piece of cake too:

    1. Open your Technic Launcher and go to the modpacks tab
    2. In the search box, put in “CraftMine” and click on the appropriate result (probably at the top of the search results)

  • thanks ninja :D