<accepted> Krohitsu's Staff Application

  • First things first, i’d like to thank you for dedicating any time you had to read my application. I hope that it’ll impress you at least slightly, so let’s begin.

    Time I am able/willing to dedicate to the server: Between 4 - 5.5 hours.

    How old am I? 16 years of age.

    Name: Kai

    In-Game name: Krohitsu

    Why are you applying for staff? I’ve been on this server for an alright amount of time, which is between 10 - 12 days, and I’ve seen just how much the server is. It’s incredible with it’s great community. I’m applying for staff so I can help moderate and keep peace with whatever issues may show up, such as serious glitches between mods to players misbehaving. I’d love to do anything I can to help this server out, as it’d be fantastic to keep what community we have already.

    What experience have you had in the past? I’ve actually had lots of experience over the past few years, whether it be from working on my own server to helping out on others. I know all/most essential commands, I’m very, very experienced with WorldEdit, I’m usually quick to fixing bugs and glitches and I have a broad knowledge of 90% of the mods on the server, as I’ve used them quite a bit in the past.

    What positions have you worked with on servers? I have worked on servers as practically a Mod, as I’d usually be the guy to go to for help with bugs, glitches and various other complaints. I’d also be the guy they hired to work on spawn, or make a youtube ad. Even on server’s where I’m not ranked at all, I still try to help everyone out as best I can.

    How would you handle a rude/misbehaving player on the server? If I were to catch a player doing anything rude or something that’s been repeatedly complained about, I’d first give them a stern warning to stop doing said action. If they were to continue, first let the other staff know to keep an eye on said player, then give the player fair warning of the consequences that will result from what they’re doing. If these actions were to keep up still, depending on the action and behavior, either a mute or a temp ban. When it is to reach this point, talk it over with the other staff for an agreement on a possible final judgment.

    I would like to once again sincerely thank you for scrolling through this application. I know I’m probably not the prettiest penny, but I have aspirations to do whatever I can!

  • Okay first off , i have worked with Kai ever since he has joined the server to make a town based around making alcohol(Fancy :3), He is an Outstanding builder with Decor(Not to good with walls :3). And i am the opposite im good with making detailed outer shells but have difficulties making inner decorations. If Kai is accepted as staff i would like to ask if he can help me Work on spawn/and or Rebuild spawn
    (Unless we have an overworld reset with the next release of the modpack) in which i ask for his assistance in making a spawn.

  • Administrator

    @KrohitsuBitte Hey Kai,

    first of all, very professional application! Your qualifications and recommendations seem good to me (@Xi0ran).

    One question I’d have is in which timezone do you live? This makes planning things easier for us.

    I will ask the rest of the team about your application and we will reach back to you.

    Thanks for applying!

    Best regards


  • @Bent Ah, yes. My bad for that slipping my mind! I’m in the Eastern Time Zone. Also while I’m at it one thing I would like to point out is tomorrow I am going to be out for two weeks on vacation. I’m sure i’ll still be able to check back here on my phone, however, but I just thought it might be vital information to know.

  • Administrator

    Hello Kai,

    Congratulations you were accepted as candidate to suport the server as a moderator!

    ~ Lecki